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Enid Johnstone

Artist Gallery


Artist Statement

Strength and vulnerability, angst and ease, death and rebirth—these are the dualities that drive my artistic vision. My work is a narrative of contradictions, capturing the dance of coming together and falling apart in a world defined by its opposites. Each piece I create is a testament to the beauty found in disparity: the juxtaposition of solitude with chaos, order with the unpredictable, and the magical moments that fleetingly emerge amidst the absurd.

As a mixed media artist, I weave together drawing, painting, photography, and collage to tell these stories. My toolbox is as varied as my themes, encompassing oils, acrylics, watercolor, glue, and scissors. I breathe new life into forgotten materials—vintage paper, posters, magazines, even placemats, candy wrappers, and packaging—using them to construct art that resonate with the past while speaking to the present.

Creating art is a deeply personal and paradoxical process for me. It unleashes my enthusiastic inner absurdist, always ready to play and explore the unexpected. Simultaneously, it grounds me in the transient nature of life, offering a sense of permanence amidst the ephemeral.


Discover Original Artworks for Sale

Explore a curated collection of unique, original artworks available for purchase.

Detailed Information on Artworks

Find comprehensive details on sizes, prices, and media for each piece.

Commission Custom Art

Request a bespoke painting or collage tailored to your vision.

Schedule a Studio Visit

Arrange a personal visit to our studio and see the creative process up close.

Free High-Resolution Blog Images

Access high-resolution versions of images featured in my blog at no cost.

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Download beautifully designed collage papers for free.

Collaboration Opportunities

Share your ideas and explore potential collaborations with us.


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