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Enid Johnstone Bird bird flower analog collage

Bird Bird Flower

Enid Johnstone Miss Periwinkle Analog Collage

Miss Periwinkle

Enid Johnstone Bugs Day and Bugs night collage on Index card with monoprint and rubber stamp.

Bugs Day and Bugs Night

Mixed Media Collage
EnidJohnstone Protea Air Balloon Mini Mixed Media Collage

Protea Air Balloon

Enid Johnstone Pink Protea Collage


Flowered Flamingo

Enid Johnstone Waterlily Garden Collage on Paper, 2023

Waterlily Garden

Enid Johnstone Making Waves Analog Collage

Making Waves

Enid Johnstone Shakin' Tail Feathers analog collage paper art

Shakin' Tail Feathers

Enid Johnstone Healing BrokenWings analog collage in grey and ivory
Enid Johnstone Sheeple  Analog Collage with sheep and flowers, ink on paper, 2021


Fish Fashion Analog Collage by Enid Johnstone

Healing Broken Wings

Riding High Analog Collage by Enid Johnstone, pink, black and white, cow sculls and flowers.

Fish Fashion

Riding High
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