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EnidJohnstone Saint Albertina Oil on Canvas 15 cm x 15 cm
Peace mixed media collage
Charcoal Drawing and Collage in blue and purple

Multi-disciplinary artist Enid Johnstone explores opposites and polarity in her work. Her own life has been one of contrast, from a rural South African childhood to living all over the world and finding a sense of belonging in diverse communities on different continents. Her studies in journalism and a love of writing influence her work. Each of her artworks tell a story.


Enid is based in Florence, Italy where the beauty of her surroundings but also the impermanence and solitude of life influence her art. Her work is characterized by her unique blend of different media. She has showcased her work in a variety of countries and has private collectors globally.

Enid Johnstone Art Painting and Collage Studio, Florence, Italy
Enid Johnstone Art and Collage
Artist Enid Johnstone in action in front of easel - painting, drawing, collage
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