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Enid Johnstone

Artist Gallery
Enid Johnstone large oil painting part of The Herd Series
Enid Johnstone large oil painting part of The Herd Cow Series

Artist Statement

Strength and vulnerability, angst and ease, death and rebirth. My art tells tales of contradiction, of life as a constant motion of coming together and falling apart in a world of opposites. I am inspired by contrast:  beauty, ugliness, solitute, chaos, travel, color, order, changeability, moments of fleeting magic, absurdity and giving a second life to forgotten things.

I am a mixed media artist who employs drawing, painting, photography and collage by using oils, acrylics, watercolor, glue and scissors in my work. I use pre-existent materials for collage. Vintage paper, posters, magazines, even placemats, candy wrappers and packaging are all good candidates.


Making art brings out my enthusiastic inner absurdist, ready to play. It also anchors me in this exceedingly transient life. 




  • get a list of all art that's available at present;

  • info on sizes, prices and media;

  • commission a painting or collage;​

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